Crowns make the world go round!

Posted in Reveiws/Q&A on January 20, 2010 by ktpolar

Hey Guys! I was on W101 when out of nowhere a wizard named Chris Deathmancer asked,

HEY! Anyone! I was wondering what is the total cost of crowns in Wizard City?

This is my first  Q&A! Awesome! well, to be honest! I have a Crown Guide Here ! So if you need help on planing out your crowns, go to the Crown Guide!


Sylvia Drake APPEARS!

Posted in Misc. on January 19, 2010 by ktpolar

hey guys, here’s the myth of Slvia Drake!

I put together a group of photos showing what Syliva Drake looks like!

Sylvia Drake


~Krok Necro

Humbug to all, and to all a good PIZZA!

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Hey Guys! I Just got home from A Christmas Carol (Sorta Disturbing for a PG!) And well, now I’m gonna go onto W101! I have my “Adopted Brother”, Dustin GriffinFlame, Real Life Buddy, as well as my “Wife”,  Madeline LifeHeart, and lastly, our daughters, Amber, who is married to Christo. And Cheyenne, who is our current, living in our house, Daughter, so there’s an insight on my “Life”!


Aaron Duskriver-

Aaron Duskriver


~Krok Necro

The Lost Civilization of Crimzopolis

Posted in Creative/Made-Up Stuff on December 25, 2009 by ktpolar

Once apon a wizard …

There once was a grand civilization that lied where Krokotopia is now. The Elementals and Kroks lived on the three island of Krokotopia, they took over the maders on the island, but a beheid look shows that only one island, the Krokosphinx Island, was docked. The other two, The Island of Balanced foes, and Crimzopolis, where drifted. The Island of Balanced foes drifed, but stayed in the oxgyen around Krokotopia. Crimzopolis, which is high in technollogy, built their own and survived. until now they had Mt. Elemento, a desert, the Novo Desert, and finally Spirito Canyon. A war raged with knights and Elements, The Island broke into Three parts, each one of the landmarks. now YOU must stop them before they completely explode the island.

Get ready for …


~Krok Necro

Area Look-a-Likes

Posted in Reveiws/Q&A on December 23, 2009 by ktpolar

I was just pointing out quickly, The areas each originate from different times.

Like so:

Wizard City-Modern Day Areas

Krokotopia-Ancient Egypt


Mooshu-Ancient China Dynasties

Dragonspyre-Hell? (Sry if you find that offencsive)

Grizzleheim-Early Modern Civilizations

There you go!

~Krok Necro

Update: No more Cards, NEW ones, though

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Hey Guys, I Stopped making those, “In-Game Secrets” And will start making new cards. Here’s a quick example of an CREATURE CARD:



~Krok Necro

New Spells (Not really, well yes, but made by me!)

Posted in Creative/Made-Up Stuff on December 17, 2009 by ktpolar

Hey Fellow Bloggers!  Today I’m goona introduce you to my very own, made-up line of realilistic looking spells, I Call These, “In-Game Secret Spells” Here’s and exaple and my first one!


In-Game Secrets: Fire Snake

There you go!

~Krok Necro